Your answers can be found inside your NORMAL blood work. You just need the right person reading it.

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Grab Your Normal bloodwork and Come Inside. It’s Time to Heal Beyond the Diagnosis

We help people who keep getting told their blood work is normal.

(yet you know something isn't right! )

We Specialize in 4 at-home

90 day programs:

Whole Body Healing

( 90 Day Program )
I take you behind the scenes with 8 hours of training so you have the tools to create a scalable virtual practice.

Whole Brain Rejuvenation

( 90 Day Program )
Stop managing anxiety, depression, and even brain fog. They can be resolved and we do that inside this program. The answers to how are inside your normal blood work.

Whole Body Myco Detox

( 90 Day Program )
If you’ve tried all the programs, done all the things, and yet chronic fatigue still plagues you, there’s a reason – mold. This program is designed to eliminate its effects on your body.

Whole Body Weight Release

( 90 Day Program )
I always swore I’d never host a program for weight loss. There’s much more to it than diet and exercise. We do that other stuff. The stuff required to lose weight easily and keep it off.

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What If You Were the Best Person to Read Your Own Labs?

No medical background required so come inside and I'll teach you how to turn NORMAL blood work into real answers that bring lasting results."


Meet Your Experts

Dr. Kylie Burton

A chiropractor who hates adjusting, is an international best-seller with her book “Why are My Labs Normal?” She specializes in functional medicine helping thousands of individuals with seemingly impossible health struggles, find answers, healing, and hope, even if they’ve been told their blood work is normal.

As the founder of the “Functional Blood Work Specialist” program for practitioners, she helps colleagues level up their patient results and build a business they love using her techniques in her programs.

Dr. Kylie hosts the top-rated podcast Beyond the Diagnosis with Dr. Kylie and has been featured on 7 international radio shows. On TV, she has been a guest on Good Morning Utah and FOX26Houston, and The List (national TV).

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3-Day Why Are My Labs "Normal" Workshop

June 18, 19, 20
11:00 AM – 12:30 PM MST
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