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Boost Your Cellular Health With Dr. Manny Faria

Did you know that your body contains trillions of cells? Those cells must function well for the body to maintain stability while responding and adjusting to the external environment. Hence, it is crucial to maintain cellular health. But unfortunately, as we age, our cellular functions are less optimal than when we were younger. But what if there’s a way to boost cellular health?

In this episode, Dr. Kylie interviews Cellular Health Expert Dr. Manny Faria, founder of the Cellular Health Institute. He is an author, speaker, and physician focusing on Natural Medicine, Functional Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Cellular Health, Clinical Nutrition, and treating the body holistically in a non-invasive, non-surgical, and non-pharmaceutical manner.

Tune in and discover how to maintain a healthy life and live longer!

“If you treat your health today, we don’t have to treat your diseases tomorrow.”

– Dr. Manny Faria

In This Episode:

– Why should we care about the cells?

– Understanding the cell structure and function

– How to design your lifestyle so you can live your best life beyond 85!

And more!


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