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Keto vs. Carnivore: Which Diet Is Right for You? With Dani Conway

Overweight and want to lose weight the right way? Dani Conway knows exactly what to do. And she shares her journey with you in today’s conversation with Dr. Kylie.

Dani is a Holistic Nutritionist and Equestrian Athlete. She is also a Board Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and the founder of Nutrition the Natural Way. She struggled for years as a chronic YO-YO dieter and was 65 lbs. overweight on a fat-free diet.

Dani tried restrictive diet protocols, but nothing worked until she found a completely different 4-step metabolic and cyclical approach to weight loss, fat loss, rebalancing hormones, and gut health. As a result, she’s now healthier, leaner, and stronger than she ever was! Dani has embraced the Keto Carnivore Diet lifestyle for the last 16 years. But it’s not for everyone.

Tune in and discover the right food combinations to give you the strength to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

“My approach is always fueling before fasting, so making sure everything is right from the eating window before even remotely trying the fasting, and I know that’s a big controversy.”

– Dani Conway

In This Episode:

– What do you do when you’re 65 lbs. overweight?

– The formula for getting fit and healthy and recommended food combinations for optimal health

– Keto vs. Carnivore: Which diet is right for you?

– Diet mistakes you should avoid

– Dani shares some patient transformation stories

– Is intermittent fasting safe for teenagers to do?

And more!


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