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The Best Gut Health Supplements With Mike Rhees

In a perfect world, you would sleep well, stay hydrated, get fresh air, and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to keep your body healthy. So why would you need supplements?

No matter how healthy your lifestyle may be, there’s more than one reason for you to take nutritional supplements. One of them is to ensure you have a healthy gut because your gut microbiome can affect every organ in your body and impact your health.

In this episode, Mike Rhees will continue talking with Dr. Kylie about the essential supplements you need to optimize your health. Mike is a Functional Medicine Consultant for licensed healthcare practitioners and is the former clinical director at Systemic Formulas. So you can trust his knowledge and recommendations regarding nutritional supplements.

Tune in to learn more about what supplements you need and where to get them.

“With your gut health, you’re preventing the bad guys from resurfacing.”

– Mike Rhees

In This Episode:

– A unique combination of nutritional supplements from two reputable brands for your health journey

– Why is it important to pay attention to your gut health?

– Recommended products to cleanse your gut and improve your overall health

And more!


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